Kevin Morisette, CFII
Kevin Morisette, CFII
Flying over Lake Tahoe - Sacramento flight training

Sacramento Flight Training

Kevin Morisette is a Certified Flight Instructor providing Sacramento flight training in the greater Sacramento area (including the Davis, Yolo County, Lincoln, Sacramento Executive, and Rio Linda airports). If you are an airplane owner I can provide instruction in your plane or if you are looking to rent an aircraft please contact me.

I have a professional "day job" and like to instruct as it's a passion of mine. I can provide primary training (ie: Private Pilot, Sport Pilot), training towards an Instrument Rating, Flight Reviews and IPCs (Instrument Proficiency Checks), or also be a safety pilot for an ongoing instrument proficiency program to help keep your IFR skills sharp.

Flight Training

Kevin is a Certified Flight Instructor in Sacramento, Lincoln, Davis, and surrounding areas. If you are an airplane owner I can provide instruction in your plane or if you are looking to rent an aircraft please contact me.

Don't forget to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on learning how to fly.

Congratulations Sean for passing his Instrument Rating checkride!

Sean passed his Instrument Rating checkride yesterday with Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Ashley Snider! Congratulations!

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Constant Speed Props

Constant speed propeller governor With a typical constant speed propeller the engine RPM is set by the propeller control lever in the cockpit which is connected to the propeller governor that is mounted on the engine. The governor along with the propeller hub can change the propeller blade pitch (the angle of the blade with the plane of rotation). Continue reading...

Logging time as a safety pilot

A common question that often comes up is how to log time while acting as a safety pilot for another pilot who is flying under the hood in simulated instrument conditions. First, in order to act as a safety pilot, you must possess at least a Private Pilot certificate, have a current third class medical, and have the appropriate category and class rating (ie: airplane single engine land). Continue reading...

Clarification on logging instrument approaches for currency

Cessna 172 wing view with clouds Previously pilots would question whether they could log an instrument approach for currency if they broke out of IMC conditions while on different segments of an approach (ie: prior to the final approach fix). In a FAA InFO document, they clarify when you can actually log it for currency.

Here are some general guidelines from the document:
  • "The pilot must be established on each required segment of the IAP to the minimum descent altitude (MDA) or decision altitude/decision height (DA/DH)"  However, the missed approach segment is not required to be flown, although the FAA does recommend to practice flying the missed approach.
  • If flying in simulated instrument conditions, you "must continue to MDA or DA/DH" under simulated instrument conditions.
  • In actual instrument conditions, and you are still in actual conditions (IMC) when entering the final approach segment. If you transitioned to visual conditions prior to the final approach segment, you would not be able to log the approach for currency.

Amanda's First Solo Flight on 16th Birthday

Congratulations to Amanda on her first solo flight on her 16th birthday in a Cessna 152 at Lincoln Regional Airport. Here's also a story ABC News 10 did on it on 8/29/16.

Lincoln Airport Flight Training

Learn to Fly - Cessna 172 at Lincoln Airport Learn to Fly at Lincoln Regional Airport (KLHM) in Lincoln, CA. Being a non-towered airport with light traffic makes it a great location to earn your Private Pilot's certificate.

Instrument training is also available if you are looking to add an instrument rating or just looking to do an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).

Please inquire for more information.

Instrument Training

Looking to get instrument rated or are you already instrument rated and need a safety pilot to help maintain your proficiency? Contact me for further details or questions. Photos below were taken flying an instrument approach into Sacramento Mather Airport in a Cessna 182 with an instrument student.

Flying an IFR instrument approachFlying an instrument approach in a Cessna 182

Flying to Truckee and Lake Tahoe

The first photo is enroute to Truckee Tahoe (TRK) and the second was taken flying into South Lake Tahoe airport (KTVL) near Fallen Leaf Lake.

Mountain flying at Lake TahoeMountain flying at Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake

Sacramento Flight Training and Flight Instruction

Flying a cross country with one of my students there was low visibility on one side of the Sacramento valley with smoke from the fires in the foothills. One picture you can see the source of the fire and another is looking at the Sutter Buttes peaking up through a smoke layer. We were at 4,500 ft. at the time.

Sacramento flight trainingLincoln flight training

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