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Kevin Morisette, CFII

Complex Aircraft No Longer Required for Commercial/CFI checkrides

April 24th 2018

Complex aircraft The FAA has just released a notice that no longer requires a complex aircraft for the Commercial or Certified Flight Instructor practical tests (checkrides). However, you do still need to meet the experience requirements before you go for the test. For the Commercial that still means having 10 hours of complex aircraft time and a complex endorsement. A complex aircraft is one having flaps, a controllable pitch propeller, and a retractable landing gear.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below. In some cases the student may have complex time already, even in other multiengine aircraft, but not have the availability of a complex single engine plane nearby.

More information can be found in the FAA notice here.

The Commercial Pilot Airmen Certification Standards is updated with Change 3 reflecting the required equipment for the test as is the Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards (with change 6).

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