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Kevin Morisette, CFII

Clarification on logging instrument approaches for currency

September 21st 2016

Cessna 172 wing view with clouds Previously pilots would question whether they could log an instrument approach for currency if they broke out of IMC conditions while on different segments of an approach (ie: prior to the final approach fix). In a FAA InFO document, they clarify when you can actually log it for currency.

Here are some general guidelines from the document:
  • "The pilot must be established on each required segment of the IAP to the minimum descent altitude (MDA) or decision altitude/decision height (DA/DH)"  However, the missed approach segment is not required to be flown, although the FAA does recommend to practice flying the missed approach.
  • If flying in simulated instrument conditions, you "must continue to MDA or DA/DH" under simulated instrument conditions.
  • In actual instrument conditions, and you are still in actual conditions (IMC) when entering the final approach segment. If you transitioned to visual conditions prior to the final approach segment, you would not be able to log the approach for currency.

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