Kevin Morisette, CFII
Sacramento Flight Lessons
Kevin Morisette, CFII

Sacramento Pilot Training

Looking to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot and earing your pilot's license? Contact us to get started with an Introductory Flight! We also have Private Pilot ground school and Instrument Rating ground school classes available on a routine basis.

Pilot certificates and ratings:

  • Private Pilot - The most common pilot certificate "pilot license" for general aviation
  • Instrument Rating - Fly in non-visual conditions using your flight instruments (fly in the clouds)
  • Commercial Pilot - Use your pilot certificate for hire
  • Sport Pilot - Lower training time but more restrictions (fly during the day with up to 1 passenger in certain types of aircraft, etc)
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Teach other students to become pilots
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) - Provide training towards instrument ratings

Other training and instruction:

Flight Training Materials

I generally prefer the books and publications used by the FAA. They're available for free to download as a PDF (using Adobe Acrobat). You also can't go wrong during a checkride using material published from the FAA. Other books cover the same topics, although they might present them differently which can help if you're finding the FAA books hard to understand.

Aviation Weather & Aviation Weather Services:

Other Resources

To start your flying lessons today, please contact us.